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Imagine flexbility that no one else offers.

Unlike the others, you choose what works best for you;
you sign no long-term contracts; you pay no fees when your account is inactive.
You set up your contract to meet your cash flow needs, not ours.
You can choose between using our most advanced technology or
using the old-fashioned systems - we maintain both for you.
Unlike the others, our objective is not to force you to conform to us,
but to get you the cash you need in the quickest and most efficient manner.

Please contact us today and our seasoned invoice factoring professionals will help you get the cash you need today.
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More Receivables Loan Information

Most companies that offer  receivables loan financing are commercial lenders, not banks. During the receivables loan approval process, the lender will calculate a loan-to-value ratio. Tabulation methods vary from lender to lender; some may refuse to finance accounts that have aged beyond 90 days or may assign a lower percentage to older accounts


Most receivables  loan fall within the definition of financial assets and are subject to the recognition and measurement rules that apply to those assets. The exceptions are lease receivables in a lessor's financial statements, and prepayments.

Now, for selected companies, there is an exciting alternative. We have sources who specialize in the needs of smaller companies. Receivables loan financing is now available for the qualified smaller company. This is a real money-saving financing opportunity for the company with receivables assets who has outgrown a factor, but does not have sufficient assets to be considered by the receivables loan  lenders.
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